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Our advertising inflatables, balloons, air dancers, vendor tents and wind flags are all made in the USA here in our factory. We only make and sell the finest inflatable's using only the best materials and workmanship. All purchases are backed by our price match guarantee that if you find an advertised price for the same product, material and construction, for less within 10 days, we will match it. Advertising balloons are a great way to increase store traffic at fraction of the cost of all other forms of advertising combined. Get an advertising balloon made today and watch your sale grow the minute you put it up. Designed to last our inflatable outdoor advertising products are the best value for a US made product and all products are under warranty.

Wholesale Inflatable Advertising Balloons.





Genuine Patented Fly Guys

Fly Guy

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Copy (2) of Real Fly Guy 6

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Fly Guy

Fly Guy

Fly Guy

Fly Guy

Fly Guy


Nothing dances quite like a genuine Fly Guy. Photos do not tell the whole story. See our video here and then see an imitation Fly Guy here . Fly Guys cost more than a one leg air dancer, but if it is attention you are after, nothing gets passing cars to actually slow down and look or people to pull over and take photographs with anything other than a Fly Guy.  We tell our customer’s that a one leg air dancer with do 80% the job for half the price, but... people may look at an air dancer, but they will absolutely stare at a Fly Guy.





A Fly Guy requires two fans and elsewhere that can be expensive, especially for the high quality B-Air fans, but not with us. Our below wholesale price is too low to list. Call and we will quote you the lowest price.

Constructed of 1.3 oz top quality coated ripstop and sewn to the highest standards, these units are built to take the constant beating of the powerful specially designed air dancer fans.

Custom shapes and sizes are available, but your best value is always a basic unit and the best performing height is 18 FT tall. When attached to the fans, which stand 18” tall, you will be just under 20 FT high.

Easy to set up and inflates in seconds. Easy to bring in at night time. Each fan weighs just 46 pounds, has 4 locking wheels and comes with a pull leash.



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Advertising inflatables are a cost effective way to maximize your street exposure. With a return on investment that outperforms all other types of advertising. Air dancers and wavy men two leg dancing balloons   wave and flail about with your message, rooftop balloons stand 20 to 25 FT tall on your rooftop with large banners to get out your name and message and giant helium advertising blimps and spheres fly 10 ft stories high over your location alerting traffic and new customers for miles. Feather flags and wind banners staked in front of your location standing 8 to 15 FT tall and rooftop gorillas tell everyone your open for business. Set up a promotion outside your store with a pop up vendor tent and even hand out imprinted latex balloons with your logo. Open at night? Use a searchlight and pan the sky with a beam of light. Most of our inflatables can also be lighted internally to light up your location. See our wholesale price inflatable web pages and our long established inflatables factory . Get noticed with advertising balloons from America.

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