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Our advertising inflatables, balloons, air dancers, vendor tents and wind flags are all made in the USA here in our factory. We only make and sell the finest inflatable's using only the best materials and workmanship. All purchases are backed by our price match guarantee that if you find an advertised price for the same product, material and construction, for less within 10 days, we will match it. Advertising balloons are a great way to increase store traffice at fraction of the cost of all other forms of advertising combined. Get an advertising balloon made today and watch your sale grow the minute you put it up. Designed to last our inflatable outdoor advertising products are the best value for a US made product and all products are under warranty.

Wholesale Inflatable Advertising Balloons.







What is an Air Dancer?
Air Dancers are the fabrics that have a face, hair, arms and fingers. Tubies are straight tubes. Arrow Dancers have the arrow and are double sided and Fly Guys have two legs. These go by many names, including Wind Dancer, Sky Dancer, Air Puppet, Sky Puppet, Wavy Guys, Stick men, etc. Just figuring out what search term to use if confusing. We like to say these are the “hardest search on the internet, because no one knows what to call them. Some companies claim rights to certain names, but that doesn’t mean it’s a well made unit. Shop hard under the term “Air Dancer” (most common name). The harder you shop, the better our price and quality will look.

Should I get art, can you put my logo on it,  what should I put on for artwork?
As a rule, you should avoid branding (putting your name or logo) unless you have a widely known name such as a franchise. The best message to get on it is what service or product you provide. A good example would be a hair salon named “Angelo’s”. Putting the name on would not convey the service offered, but “HAIR SALON” would. Also, do not assume that because people see your air dancer, that they will read all your signs near or next to it. These work because they are big and they move. A driver only has a fleeting glance to see and read your message. That message usually needs to be on the air dancer to get read. Logos can be useful, but generally are not recommended.

Should I put art on the other side?
Weight is always a concern. We use only 1.3 oz ripstop and it is heavier than the less expensive materials. The lettering is made of boat sail material and is cut, glued and sewn on. Lettering will add weight, so on an air dancer, double sided art is recommended not to exceed 6 letters per side, Cost to add back lettering is Art cost x 2. Arrow Dancers are always double sided and as a result are not as tall.

Can these be cleaned and what colors hide dirt the best?
Place your unit on a clean surface, preferably a 4 FT tarp or clean square of carpet. The fan will draw tiny dirt and particulates from the ground and immediate surrounding area. The cleaner that area is the better your air dancer will look. The dirt gets deeply embedded in the material and all the washing in the world will not get it out. Dark colors (red and blue) will hide the dirt better and are more resistant to fading. The material does have a UV and polyurethane coating, but the constant air flow is erosive  and time in the sunlight will still cause wear. A good example is patio furniture. You can easily see the affects of the sun after just one summer. Even flags left in the wind for a few months will clearly show fading and damage. The wind and sun simply inflict wear and tear.

Which fabric should I get?
One leg air dancers
Hands down the best value at $147 for fabric.

Arrow dancers
Cost $100 more and can be very useful if you are trying to direct traffic into a driveway that is easy to miss. They also can have velcro banners on the arrow for a changing message.

These can be as tall as 25 FT and can allow for more lettering than an air dancer. Also, there are times when a company’s image may not bode well with a stick figure and the tube will be less goofy. These are also $38 to $48 less, so they can help keep costs down on a tight budget.

Two Leg patented Fly Guys
These require two fans and the standard size is 18 feet measured arms up. We tell customers that the one leg will do 80% the job for half the cost, but also that people will look and read the air dancers, but they will absolutely stare at the fluid motion of the patented two leg Fly Guy. Imitations and cheap imports will only flap their arms and do not stop traffic like a Fly Guy. You will notice some cars actually slowing down to look at it. Kids will make their parents turn around to drive by it again and some people will actually pull over and take pictures in front of it. If budget is an issue, consider a one leg for now and get a second fan and two leg fabric when it comes time to replace it.

What is the warranty?
Air Dancer Fabrics:

We warrant the workmanship for 3 months and will repair any seams necessary during that time. Customer is responsible for shipping (only $15 each way). You can also simply take your fabric to a Dry Cleaner and have it sewn locally if you are in a hurry. Specify nylon thread. Some companies offer a longer warranty, but that is simply a gimmick. Ours our best made and our warranty is very reasonable on the fabric side.

The fans are under direct warranty by the manufacturer and the warranty is 12 months. We strongly recommend the B-Air BB2 fan (upgrade of $50). It is clearly and hands down the industry’s most reliable and best fan with a CFM (cubic feet of air a minute) of 5200 vs. 3400 for the standard Air Vortex fan. Fan life is anywhere from 2 to 5 years. The B-Air fan factory is committed to complete customer satisfaction and boasts a practically non existent fail rate.

Do I need a permit or permission to use an inflatable?
Blimps and rooftop balloons almost always require a permit. Air Dancers on the other hand are much easier to just put outside and plug in. Some cities may not allow them and if you are concerned, contact your local planning and zoning office for your location. Often, NO does not mean you still can’t use it Often it is not enforced or you can play “Hide and Seek” with your code enforcement officer. Just using an air dancer in the morning on one day to attract the commuter traffic, Saturday afternoon to attract the soccer moms, etc. will still produce powerful results.  Ask what actual enforcement there is, or if you can simply use if on a limited basis. The bottom line is, these will drive up sales and traffic from 10 to 50%. If you can use them, in any capacity, you will benefit greatly.


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Advertising inflatables are a cost effective way to maximize your street exposure. With a return on investment that outperforms all other types of advertising. Air dancers and wavy men two leg dancing balloons   wave and flail about with your message, rooftop balloons stand 20 to 25 FT tall on your rooftop with large banners to get out your name and message and giant helium advertising blimps and spheres fly 10 ft stories high over your location alerting traffic and new customers for miles. Feather flags and wind banners staked in front of your location standing 8 to 15 FT tall and rooftop gorillas tell everyone your open for business. Set up a promotion outside your store with a pop up vendor tent and even hand out imprinted latex balloons with your logo. Open at night? Use a searchlight and pan the sky with a beam of light. Most of our inflatables can also be lighted internally to light up your location. See our wholesale price inflatable web pages and our long established inflatables factory . Get noticed with advertising balloons from America.

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